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I have been in love with the Chicago Skyline ever since the very first time i witnessed it. This evening i got the chance to experience a wine tasting at the Field Museum.

Normally open to schools, and everyone else during the day, this time it was only open for a Grand Wine tasting. The most wine i have tasted in a single tasting is 174 samples, and it was a 5 hour tasting. The event held 500 wines, more wines than i could experience in the time allowed. Coming in i was greeted by courteous hosts, and once inside the entire first floor was filed with elegantly dressed people enjoying the best wine Chicago has to offer. I could not have asked for a better view.

The first thing i want to address is the fact that as an attendee i was not given a booklet with all the wines and their prices, i was given a spiral book with the name of the Winery that the table was advertising but the price of the bottle was not there and the name of the individual wine was written in light small letters that were not very easy to see, and i have 20/20 vision no to brag. I just like to know what i am tasting and it’s price, this is from the eye of a true consumer of wine. There were many wines that i would like to buy but the fact that the prices are such a mystery deters me from doing so. This is something that should not be happening with such an extravagant event..

The attendance was phenomenal, but i did notice an interesting fact that i had theorize a long time ago. The amount of ladies to men was substantially higher, and in my personal opinion is because the 20’s and 30’s population that is interested in wine consist of mostly women.

I think this is something that needs to change, Wine is the drink of emperors and kings why would men in their 20’s and 30’s not think this is something to be a part of. If only single men of any age knew what they had missed, they would change their mind of wine and wine tastings.

To summarize i will say that the price of the ticket was a bit higher than most wine tastings, however, this is a call to those that put a classy evening above all, where you will get to taste caviar and other delicious h’orderves as you taste a wine that pairs it perfectly.



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  1. This event was superv! There are many going on during the year, i will keep you posted, thank you for visiting.

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