Toast of the town

I have been in love with the Chicago Skyline ever since the very first time i witnessed it. This evening i got the chance to experience a wine tasting at the Field Museum.

Normally open to schools, and everyone else during the day, this time it was only open for a Grand Wine tasting. The most wine i have tasted in a single tasting is 174 samples, and it was a 5 hour tasting. The event held 500 wines, more wines than i could experience in the time allowed. Coming in i was greeted by courteous hosts, and once inside the entire first floor was filed with elegantly dressed people enjoying the best wine Chicago has to offer. I could not have asked for a better view.

The first thing i want to address is the fact that as an attendee i was not given a booklet with all the wines and their prices, i was given a spiral book with the name of the Winery that the table was advertising but the price of the bottle was not there and the name of the individual wine was written in light small letters that were not very easy to see, and i have 20/20 vision no to brag. I just like to know what i am tasting and it’s price, this is from the eye of a true consumer of wine. There were many wines that i would like to buy but the fact that the prices are such a mystery deters me from doing so. This is something that should not be happening with such an extravagant event..

The attendance was phenomenal, but i did notice an interesting fact that i had theorize a long time ago. The amount of ladies to men was substantially higher, and in my personal opinion is because the 20’s and 30’s population that is interested in wine consist of mostly women.

I think this is something that needs to change, Wine is the drink of emperors and kings why would men in their 20’s and 30’s not think this is something to be a part of. If only single men of any age knew what they had missed, they would change their mind of wine and wine tastings.

To summarize i will say that the price of the ticket was a bit higher than most wine tastings, however, this is a call to those that put a classy evening above all, where you will get to taste caviar and other delicious h’orderves as you taste a wine that pairs it perfectly.



Arlighton Racetrack Binny’s wine tasting

The topic for today is going to be the Arlighton Racetrack wine tasting that Binny’s hosted.The afternoon could not have been more perfect for a wine tasting outside by the side of a horse race track, it almost felt surreal to be drinking wine watching horses and listening to background music that fades in with the laughter of people and their conversations. One thing about the event is that it seemed a bit too spread, what i mean is that it was not easy to know where the starting wine table was or the last one. That however, is not a problem just a neutral comment. The turnout for this event was outstanding, soon after i came in, i realized that my wine selections that i had planned for tasting would have to be put on hold. The wine tables were overly populated with thirsty and curious people. So by the time the person pouring wine would come i had no choice but to ask for the wine that was available. This is not a bad thing per say, there was so much life revolving around us, people talking about the texture of the wine, the aroma, the long finish, i would prefer a wine tasting that has more people than there should be than a wine tasting with only a few people in it. Some people that we met shared their grading scales, a particular lady was using the smiley face or sad face scale, which i found very persuasive in terms of satisfaction, i gave her a smiley face rating for wit.

Over all the wine tasting was a monumental success, the weather was fantastic and the wine servers did an excellent job at describing the wine and its content.

I would like to take a moment to mention a single wine that i found to be excellent in taste this comes to us from “Wilson Daniels-wine distributors” the wine is “Bibi Graetz Testamatta Riserva” the aroma was deep and complex, there is a hint of cheese and spice not sure but parsley came to mind. The body is heavy textured, dark and smokey, with a touch of clove and oak. the finish was what made a believer out of me, it leaves you with a haunting memory that begs for a second taste. One more thing i would like to mention, the price for the number one table in the Grapemouse rating goes to table #26!

These two individuals were helpful, funny, and at times even quoting past presidents which i thought was awesome. Not only bringing a description to the wine they are serving but an intriguing conversation as well. Good job Vintus wines/winesellers Ltd. Now to conclude, i would like to say that anyone that was present in this tasting knows what fun afternoon it was and how we can not wait for the next event, i hope more people find out about events like these so that more can enjoy the bliss to be at a wine tasting. Thank you for reading our Grapemouse blog, till next time.

Friends and Wine